Almost everyone who has ever watched a game of football has at some point placed a wager on a game. The advent of online football betting has revolutionized the bookmaker industry, enabling people to bet from the comfort of their own homes.

Most people are recreational bettors who bet for pure enjoyment, accepting a small loss in order to “spice up” the game. The odds doesn’t matter, as long as they get to bet on their favourite team. Online bookmakers makes billions off of people like these.

There is another type of bettor, however. It’s the one looking at statistics, studying team trends, keeping track of injuries and line-ups and, worst of all from a bookmakers perspective, will always try to get the best odds possible on a football game.

There are plenty of people that will tell you that beating the bookmakers is impossible and that the house always wins out in the end. We are here to tell you different. With thorough research and a good understanding of how betting odds works, it’s more than possible to become profitable long term.

Since you’re visiting this site, it’s likely you’re either part of the profitable bettor group, or you have ambitions to be. Either way, we have plenty of goodies for you.

Football Odds Comparison

Let us explain something. If you’re not constantly striving to get the best football odds possible, you will never be a long term winner. Think about it: all odds represent probabilities. In order to make a bet profitable in the long run, you need the odds to be higher than the corresponding probability (for an event with a 50% probability, you need better than even money for example).

It’s very unlikely for a line to be so ridiculously far off from the correct probability that a bet at 1.75 is correct when it is available elsewhere at 1.90. The football betting market just doesn’t make mistakes of that magnitude very often. A profitable sports bettor is always operating on very slim margins, so sacrificing even a few points of value is a fatal flaw and is bound to leave you broke in the long run.

This is why a good odds comparison service is so valuable to a football punter. Instead of manually going through the hundreds of matches at dozens of bookmakers, you can simply click on the game page and you will find the absolute best odds available on the market on a single page.

Let us stress this point again, since it is so important. Without proper line shopping, you can never become a profitable sports bettor.

Football Stats, Fixtures & Results

As we explained above, researching football stats is a key component to any winning players strategy. While you can pick up a lot of subtle information by watching the teams play, human perception is in many ways flawed. The best method is combining qualitative and quantitative analysis.

If you watch a couple of games by a team and they look inefficient and slow in those particular games, you might be tempted to shovel money on the Under in future games. This may be a smart play, but you need to be careful – that slump isn’t necessarily representative of the teams true tendencies and you can’t make sure without checking the stats.

We’re always improving our football stats database, adding new leagues, seasons and details all the time.

Free Football Tips, Football Betting Previews & Football Predictions

A punter best source of value is through superior processing of available information. An avid follower of, say, Huddersfield in League One will be able to accurately set the probability of games involving Huddersfield better than some linesmaker in Costa Rica or Hong Kong will ever be able to.

Sadly, it’s not realistic for any one person to have such a keen insight on every league. But someone else is bound to. This is where following other peoples bets can help you.

We publish picks on leagues we’re intimately familiar with almost every single day and have so far helped our visitors to some very nice value.

Football Betting Guide

It’s very hard to win at gambling. You’re up against some very smart competition in the form of bookmaker commission, linesmakers and worst of all, sports betting syndicates.

Our football betting guide is there to help you develop your game. It’s an invaluable resource for those trying to learn more about football betting. From the basics of betting odds explained to how to master over/under betting and other markets, our betting guide should have something for everyone.

The popularity of poker has led to greater involvement in football. Major sponsorship deals with the likes of Real Madrid led to numerous English Premier League clubs being sponsored by poker rooms.

Online Bookmaker Reviews & Bookmaker Comparison

It’s hard to find the right bookmaker when there’s hundreds of them available. There’s a lot of dishonest bookmakers out there, with a well-documented history of balance theft, cancelling of bets and other shady practices.

Through our wealth of experience, we’ve dealth with most of them personally and we can tell you which ones are reputable. We would never recommend a bookmaker that we wouldn’t trust with our own money. There’s really no reason to deviate from the comprehensive list of online bookmakers we’ve set up. Why take a risk with an unreputable bookmaker when there’s so many trustworthy ones out there?

You can find our complete Online Bookmaker Review page by clicking on the link.